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How to Communicate Better with Family Members

No family is perfect and each has its own set of issues. But it doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make things more comfortable at home. The family can be, after all, our closest friends.


Firefox Tip: Get a Better Access to about:config with gui:config

Firefox is now in version and the new versions of old add-ons are doing pretty much their job (and quite well). Anyway, this gives us a chance to revisit some of the power user tips we’ve had over here and perhaps offer tips and tricks for the old dog (fox) to learn. If you need to tweak Firefox’s behavior …Continue reading →


Web Raid: Know Your Blogging Persona with Typealyzer

Always wondered how different are you in the real world over how you write in your blog? Well you can always check your blogging persona over at Typealyzer. It’s a neat web tool that aims to answer “What personality is behind that blog?”It lets you know your persona (based on several personality and psychometric tests) just by entering the URL …Continue reading →


Sneaky Career Moves

Opportunity knocks only once—or so they say. So if you miss yours, you’re probably not gonna get another shot. So if I were you, I’d be always at the ready so that when it does come, I’ll be up for promotion faster that I can say “salary increase”.


Avoid Unnecessary Budget Deficits

How many times have I exhausted my funds against my will? It happens almost every time I shop. And I’m just tired of feeling all that regret just because I can’t seem to control my spending. But everything’s gonna change as long as I keep these in mind. See if it works for you, too.


How to Be Your Very Own Cheerleader

It’s very hard to get pleased with yourself and feel that sense of pride. As long as you’re always surrounded by people whose job is to criticize the things you’re doing, feeling good will feel like a struggle and a challenge. But don’t let them get their way with you. Grab your pompoms and cheer yourself on.


4 Tips for Buying Baby Shoes

Newsflash: a recent research found out that you give your kids shoes that are simply too small. According to this study, 90 percent of children are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet. And this is not good news as this can cause serious deformities later on.


Windows Tip: 5-minute PC Maintenance

Most of the time, PCs (especially those that run on Windows) slow down over time. And it’s basically due to the junk and clutter Windows dumps onto your system for all sorts of reasons. To improve your computer’s performance, don’t neglect the simplest maintenance such as:


Keeping Your Weight-Loss Plan on Track

Been trying to lose weight but you’re just not shedding off the extra pounds? Losing weight is not easy and we all know because we’ve been down that road before. So upon exploring all the known ways to slim down, we might overlook that we’re simply doing things wrong.


Getting Your Kids into Gardening

Gardening is your pastime – and you enjoy it a lot. But how do you get the rest of your family to get into it? Start with the kids because they need a healthy hobby.

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