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Web Raid: Know Your Blogging Persona with Typealyzer


Always wondered how different are you in the real world over how you write in your blog? Well you can always check your blogging persona over at Typealyzer.

It’s a neat web tool that aims to answer “What personality is behind that blog?”It lets you know your persona (based on several personality and psychometric tests) just by entering the URL of your site.

Right now, Typealyzer offers several engines. There’s one for Myers-Briggs(MBTI, Love, Sports, and Archetypes. Results are shown as short messages describing one profile accompanied by a doodle illustration.

Pretty pretty interesting if you’re into psych tests. I compared my own blog and results of my MBTI (which has consistently revealed one particularly type) and it turns out that my personality is consistent.

Some folks do get contrasting results from the site but that should only reveal something about how one person writes in his or her blog.

Visit the site over at Tyepalyzer.

Small Business Tip: Delegating Responsibility

Business Paper

They say having a business is better than working as an employee. It has all the perks of being your own boss – not being answerable to anyone and having to have the last say on all major decisions. And yet, being your own boss has its own consequences. When it comes to problems, for example, your responsibility has never been greater. While an employee can always wait for his boss’ instructions, a businessman has to give the instructions. How can you be in control but not completely stressed?

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