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Coping with Debt Stress

Having debts can make a person feel desperate and downright miserable. Being depressed only clouds you judgment and you need that to pull you out of a rut. Naturally, owing money can really make you feel like you’re doomed. Lift your spirits with these suggestions.


How to Fight Overspending when Shopping

Shopping should be included in the seven deadly sins, for it has definitely become the bane of some people. If only it were that easy to not overspend in the stores. The good news is that it’s not impossible either! Here are ways on how you can help yourself reduce your shopping sins.


How to Motivate Yourself to Pay Debts

Start the year right with a clean slate which is why I paid all of my credit card dues just last December. Among the most important things you have to clear out are your debts. They are long overdue and you have to stop ignoring them and actually start paying up. I’ve heard it said that one of the worst …Continue reading →


Fixing Your Messed Up Finances this 2009

If you enjoyed the holidays as much as everyone else, then like them, you must have been surprised to realize that you’ve spent more than you ought. I know I did. And it’s painful because it’s hard to start a new year with negative finances. But don’t get depressed just yet, because you can do something about it. Here are …Continue reading →


Shopping for a Wedding Dress

June’s supposed to be the wedding month but apparently, a lot of people do get married during the winter. I personally know of three people who tied/will be tying the knot. Here are quick guides which can help the bride shop for the wedding dress despite the holiday rush.


Lose that Holiday Weight

The holiday cheer has died down, and now we all have to face the reality of weight gain. Of course everyone is guilty of eating a little too much during the holidays! After all, who had the strength to refuse the food? I know I didn’t. Instead of forcing those poor pants to fit, why don’t we reflect on these …Continue reading →


“Investing” on Electronic Gadgets

It has really been a while since I wrote a food for thought article here at LifeSpy. Since it’s the new year and we’re all in to bit the huge sh*t sandwich that is the economic crisis, let’s start talking about smart spending and pennypinching. A lot of my friends got themselves the latest electronic gadgets during the holiday season …Continue reading →


4 Tips on Smart Business Travel

Some people dream of a job that takes them places. Such a job indeed seems ideal–you see the world and you get paid for it, what could be better? But for people who actually have this kind of job, they might tell you that always being on the road is not as easy. Often, it’s even stressful and hectic, to …Continue reading →


Managing Kid Tantrums while Shopping

Shopping is always a fun activity, but not when your kids start throwing tantrums while you’re at it. Imagine this happening and you might not want to take your kid the next time you go to the store. But you can do more than just making sure the kid stays out the store. You can prevent tantrums from happening so …Continue reading →


How to Keep Your Job for the New Year

It’s the new year and economists all over are just reminding us that the worse has yet to come. Be very thankful that you’re still employed now but don’t think that you’re job’s as secure as you might think. It’s always best to be prepared especially today when even C-level execs are liable to get axed.

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