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How to Limit Holiday Stress

The holiday season is a fun and busy time. Because we want our holiday season to be enjoyable to our family, we are making a lot of preparations. These preparations can cause a lot of stress. And stress is contagious. Stress is the last thing you need this time of the year–not when you’re supposed to sit back and relax. …Continue reading →


How to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

Love is a many splendored thing–at least that’s what they say in the movies. But sometimes we tend to take love for granted. But for the true Romeos, doing that is a big NO-NO. That is why it is important to be creative and inspired so you can sustain love for a long time. One of the things you can …Continue reading →


How to Plan the Office Christmas Party

Planning a party is not a very easy task. And what makes it harder is if you’re the one assigned to organize your company’s Christmas Party this month. Of course the plan for the party depends on how big your company is, but regardless of the size, the Christmas Party you’re planning should be the best your officemates had ever …Continue reading →


How to Endure the Office Christmas Party

Attending the office Christmas party can be such a hassle for some people. If not for the food, it might not even be worth coming. You’re expected to have fun and celebrate and make all kinds of merriments. But if the people you’re with don’t put you in the mood for merry-making, you have to force yourself to be merry …Continue reading →


How to Give Yourself More Quality Time

Giving oneself enough quality time is not as easy as it used to be. Gone are the days of a carefree lifestyle because you just committed yourself to a full time job. Now there’s no questioning whether your job is kick-ass or not because I bet it is. But at the end of the day, the question is always whether …Continue reading →


How to Shop for a New Outfit

Shopping for a new outfit is not as easy as it sounds. Just like any buying task, it has to be a very reasonable purchase. If you’re still on your way to being a professional shopper, you’ll need a few tips. Read on.


How to Organize a Successful Sale

December is the best month for shopping. People are excited to roam around the stores looking for best ways to spend their bonuses. You can take advantage of this by holding a sale. Bank on the fact that even though shoppers have money, they wouldn’t spend more if they can pay less.


How to Deal with Relatives During the Holidays

People say that the most important thing about the holidays is being with your family–going home to spend quality time with your parents and the rest of the clan. And no matter how much you want to believe that this year’s reunion is going to be special, deep down you know that whenever your relatives visit, bad things usually happen.


Choosing Fitting Christmas Gifts

At this time of the month, you should already be doing your holiday shopping. To avoid the rush, it’s best to get over with it as early as you can. But just like anyone who’s ever had to give gifts on Christmas, shopping for the perfect gift is not so easy. You may have the money, but do you know …Continue reading →


Watching Your Weight for the Holiday Season

The coming of the holiday season only means one thing for some people–food, and tons of it. And since the mood is happy almost everywhere you go, it’s hard to be not caught up in the best way we know how to celebrate – eating.

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