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Simple Home Improvement Ideas

Are you tired of going home to the same house? You don’t have to move out to experience a new home ambiance! All you have to do is to know a thing or two about home improvement and you’ll soon wake up to a whole new living luxury. And when we say simple home improvements, no need to break the piggy bank to pay some contractor, a few tweaks here and there are enough to improve your home.

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Firefox Quick Tip: Undo Closed Tab Toolbar Button

We can get butterfingers a lot of times when we’re browsing. Sometimes, I’m quite guilty of this too. Have you ever accidentally closed a tab or a window just because you were clicking on things too fast that you compromise speed and accuracy. Then you forget what page is it, so you have to fiddle with your history or access the context menu for the tab bar to click on the undo closed tab option.

Quite tedious compared to just clicking on an ever-present and readily accessible button in your toolbar. Straightforward as it is, the Undo Closed Tabs add-on places that button in your toolbar. And since Firefox toolbars are customizable, you can practically place it anywhere you’d find it easiest to click.

You can have it either in the toolbar or in the tab bar itself. It even has a drop-down list of recently viewed pages just in case you have to go back a few more closed tabs. Neat!

Download Undo Closed Tabs add-on here.

Improving Your Conversation Skills

How well do you do in conversations? How would you rate yourself as a conversationalist?
A chat is different from a conversation in such a way that a conversation is much more meaningful and effective in terms of communication Being a great conversationalist is a kind of power. To have people glued to the conversation you’re holding means you are a person who is very interesting to talk to. And that is special because most people just talk without really saying anything of essence.

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How to Be a Competent Project Leader

To be chosen as a project leader presents an opportunity for you. You can either boost or sabotage your own career depending on the outcome of your project. Indeed, spearheading a project is not to be taken lightly, as you will be responsible for your team’s deliverables. Here are pointers which can help you lead a project.

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How to Put Up a Newsletter

Business Paper

If you have a flair for journalism, and you want to express your thoughts, you might want to join a newsletter. Most established institutions have regular newsletters and they use it as a means to communicate announcements, updates, and news about a particular organization. If your company does not have one yet, you can propose setting one up. Let these pointers be your guide.

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How to Make Effective Product Brochures


If you have a product which you want to sell, you will need a variety of marketing materials which will promote your product to your customers. This calls for a very strategic advertising which you can do through dissemination of product brochures, or flyers. If you need help on how to make effective product brochures, take a look at the tip below.

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