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Firefox Quick Tip: Deal with ‘Server Not Found’ Pages with ErrorZilla

I have to apologize for the lack of tech articles for LifeSpy. I’m currently blogging for AutoJab as well and we’re trying to expand our horizons for that blog as well. The thing is, focus can be a bit of a problem. Tech posts need time and attention, so are car posts. Trying to stay on top of those areas …Continue reading →


How to Accept Defeat

Life is a series of winning and losing. There will come a time when you will have to experience failure, one way or another. If you have always gotten what you want, the more it is harder for you to cope with losing. Some people say you can always refuse to lose. But losing is inevitable, and when it happens …Continue reading →


Things that You Should (Try to) Remember when Drunk

Do you tend to lose it all after a few drinks? We’ve all been down that road before – having more than we can handle, not remembering how we got home, and waking up with the worst headache ever. Though there are those things that you could just dread happening “the morning after” aside from the hangover of course. Here’s …Continue reading →


Supplementing Your Workout with a Healthy Lifestyle

So if you are enjoying regular gym time, and a weekend jog with your iPod plus a diet of salad, salmon, granola bars and yogurt, then lucky you. I do know some gym rats who binge drink and chain smoke. You can definitely get the maximum benefits of a good workout if you do some follow-up after your routine?


Tips for Training Your Pet Cat

It purrs a lot and when it shouldn’t. It’s either sleeping or stretching its back. Cats are very lazy (and a bit pompous) creatures, aren’t they? They may be like that naturally, but the good news is, you can do something about it and here are some tips to help you with training your pet cat.


How to Keep a Secret

What do you do when someone tells you a secret? Do you share it with everyone else or are you like a select few, who really knows the value of keeping a secret? Being a tattletale is a disease, and for some people, keeping a juicy gossip is harder than it seems. So here’s help for those who just can’t …Continue reading →


How to Deal with Press Interviews

No, we’re not talking about job interviews. At some point in time you will be required to conduct interviews, and perhaps you already have. Interviews are good resource for research. But we know you have already read so much about holding interviews. What you probably haven’t read much about, is how to be when you’re the one who’s being interviewed. …Continue reading →


Help Your Kids Focus on Their Homework

Everyone knows that if you want to get good grades, you got to brush up on your school performance. But no matter how many times you raise your hands in class, you might forget that more than recitation and exams, another determining factor of your grades is homework. And we all know how all that school energy dies down the …Continue reading →


Small Business Tip: Strengthening Your Business

Businessmen are driven to push their businesses at the peak of productivity. All kinds of businesses experience turmoil at some point, and yet, some eventually emerge as successful and stronger. How can you achieve this for your business? Here are surefire tips on how you can boost your business productivity.


Small Business Tip: Setting It Up for Franchising

We have told you loads of stuff before about franchising and how you can go about it. But we haven’t told you anything yet about being the owner of a business up for franchise. All businessmen dream of expanding their venture, and one way to do this is to have more people invest in you. Can people franchise your business? …Continue reading →

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