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Things that You Should (Try to) Remember when Drunk

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Do you tend to lose it all after a few drinks? We’ve all been down that road before – having more than we can handle, not remembering how we got home, and waking up with the worst headache ever. Though there are those things that you could just dread happening “the morning after” aside from the hangover of course. Here’s our take on what you should try to remember when drunk.

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How to Deal with Press Interviews

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No, we’re not talking about job interviews.

At some point in time you will be required to conduct interviews, and perhaps you already have. Interviews are good resource for research. But we know you have already read so much about holding interviews. What you probably haven’t read much about, is how to be when you’re the one who’s being interviewed. Want to be a pro interviewee? Here’s how.

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Help Your Kids Focus on Their Homework

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Everyone knows that if you want to get good grades, you got to brush up on your school performance. But no matter how many times you raise your hands in class, you might forget that more than recitation and exams, another determining factor of your grades is homework. And we all know how all that school energy dies down the moment we sit on the comfy sofa — add the TV sitcoms and the temptation of chatting over the phone or web, or even just the pleasure of sleeping early — all these things just stop us from being productive at home. Help your kids boost their homework productivity. Follow these suggestions. Continue reading

How to Build Your Home Library

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How many books do you have at home? If you’re a bookworm, you probably have lots. If you’re a student, then you should have a lot. While many argue that books are now obsolete, the physical act of flipping pages still counts for something. And how about finding yourself in need of a reference book while studying in the middle of the night? How many times have you had trouble with the librarian for returning the books late because you needed extra research time? The library is your salvation to a lot of things. So when it throws you out during closing time, you feel so resentful that you swear if you ever had your own library… No, wait! You can have your own library.

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