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How to Build Your Home Library

How many books do you have at home? If you’re a bookworm, you probably have lots. If you’re a student, then you should have a lot. While many argue that books are now obsolete, the physical act of flipping pages still counts for something. And how about finding yourself in need of a reference book while studying in the middle …Continue reading →


More Tips on Successfully Holding a Garage Sale

Need some extra cash but you have no idea how to work on it? All you need are some of your garbage. Yup, ever heard of the saying, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure”? People love to rummage through other people’s old things. Read on to know how you can hold a successful garage sale.


More on Dealing with Snoring

You’re lucky if you’re a quiet sleeper. But for people who sleep with people who snore, every night is a long night. Too bad if you’re stuck with one. Same goes for the snorer. You might not want to piss off the person who sleeps with you. A lot of people snore, but it doesn’t mean that it’s okay. People …Continue reading →


What to Do in Job Fairs

Still unemployed? Hey, it’s not as if you haven’t tried, it’s just really harder than you thought it is. No doubt it is! Everyone is waiting to grab every vacant position. With the competition this tough, how can you get ahead of the others? Answer: take advantage of the job fairs. You can maximize your participation in job fairs to …Continue reading →


Firefox News: Firefox 3 to Set World Record

Download Day 2008

For most downloaded software in a 24-hour period. Hold on to you hats, folks. This will be big. So Mozilla is gunning for this accolade (and yes, it’s a Guinness World Record) and I’ll be more than happy to join the party. If you want to participate, head over to the download day headquarters and pledge your allegiance. As of …Continue reading →


How to Promote Teamwork in the Office

Wherever there’s work to do inside the office, you can always depend on teamwork. But teamwork is not something all departments have. It is a value managers try to instill in their team. In your office, how do you promote teamwork so you can maximize your team’s potential? Emphasize the importance of teamwork when you hold meetings, seminars and even …Continue reading →


How to Control Your Anger

We’ve all felt anger, and everyone will agree that it’s normal to feel angry sometimes. Anger is a very powerful emotion — powerful enough to cause damage in your relationships. When anger spins out of control, a person can become aggressive and irrational making him do things — most of which, he will most definitely regret when the emotion passes. …Continue reading →


Relationships: Missing Your Ex

Are you not getting over him at all? Look, everyone agrees that breakups are not one of the easiest things to do, and yet when you say goodbye, you don’t always mean it. And when this happens, the worst is yet to come — sleepless nights, zero appetite, high irritability, loss of focus on other things — all these add …Continue reading →


Check Your RDA Before Loading Up on Vitamins

You can find a lot of supplements in the market but do you really need it? There are people who say that if a person eats good food, particularly following the food pyramid, then there is no need for vitamin supplements. But then it is also true that supplements enhances your health. In my case, for example, vitamins really rev …Continue reading →


Can You Be a Leader?

Some of us are born leaders; while some of us are not. There’s an ocean of possibilities for people who have leadership skills. They do better in the office and they’re more likely to succeed. If all your life you have always been the follower, you’re probably sick of taking orders. Tired of it? Then it’s time for you to …Continue reading →

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