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YouTube Raid: Failures, Risks, and Famous People

Here’s a very interesting video on life, risks, failures and some famous people who bounced back to become successful.


Firefox News: Firefox 3 About:Config Changes May Void Warranty

Wow. It has really been a very long time since I have posted anything Firefox, or anything tech for that matter. And with Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 available to the public, this only means that we might just be back in business doing daily Firefox Quick Tips. But wait, how about some interesting quirks with Firefox 3. A lot …Continue reading →


How to Save on Back-to-School Shopping

Perhaps one of the most stressful shopping experiences is the one that has to do with shopping for school supplies. Your kids always need new stuff. So how can mom and dad avoid feeling harassed buying new school stuff? Consider these tips.


How to Deal with People who Stutter

Do you know anyone who stutters? Stuttering is a communication disorder that renders a person inarticulate. Stuttering comes in different forms — from repetitions of syllables to long pauses in mid-sentence. Stuttering causes disruptions in communication. Because of this, stuttering is just as much a social problem than a linguistic disability.


How to Prevent Stinky Feet

Are you sexiest without any clothes on? How about your shoes? People who have stinky feet should know what to do about it because it’s embarrassing. You can’t wear your shoes on forever. Feet stink usually due to sweat and some people have a medical condition where they sweat more than other people. So if you have this problem, read …Continue reading →


Book Review: How Misleading Labeling of Omega-3 Foods Undermines American Health

We hear of illnesses and disabilities all the time and yet most of the time, we don’t really care. However, when reality strikes us hard and fast and we wake up on the other side of the equation, we suddenly feel vulnerable, mortal, and most of all, conscious. We start paying attention to every single detail in the way we …Continue reading →


Wellness to Improve Your Memory

Do you envy people who have photographic memory? They only have to spend a few seconds on a page and the content is like imprinted on their heads. Now that’s something we can all use. There are some some things you can do to improve your memory. Try these.


Small Business Tip: Starting a Beauty Salon

People will pay loads just to look good. Isn’t it true? Nowadays, there’s a long lineup of different treatments and services, all promising to enhance appearance. People want to look good! This is why if you do it right with the salon business, you can get rich, baby! Thinking of putting up your own parlor? Here are tips for you!


Family Cruise Vacation Do’s

Before everybody starts to get busy again, you’re thinking now is a perfect time to plan another family vacation. It’s been months since you went out with the whole clan and you can use the quality time to strengthen bonds and family ties. One of the more extraordinary, adventurous and not to mention costly activity is going on a cruise. …Continue reading →


How to Move on After a Failed Marriage

Marriage is not exactly everyone’s road to happily ever after. Sometimes it happens that marriage will be nothing like you imagined. Because as it happened, your husband is having an extra-marital affair. And perhaps there will never be a manual that will render you master of your emotions when in this condition, but you can definitely help yourself go through …Continue reading →

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