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How to Nail that Graduation Speech

Prom season’s just about over and done with. The next big fuss? Graduation. Are you ready for your commencement exercises? Got your gowns on the ready? Before you head to the salon for the graduation hairstyle, make sure you have no pending requirements that would block you from walking up the stage and getting your diploma. But if you’re set …Continue reading →


How to Fight Excessive Sweating

You walk inside a room and everyone turns to look at you. Are they marveling at your good looks? Your hot bod, or the way your hair frames your face? Look again, sister! Because they’re probably grossed out by your sweaty pits. Excessive sweating is a serious problem. It can exclude a person from a lot of social circles and …Continue reading →


Want to Start a Telemarketing Career?

Telemarketing is one of the most popular and sought after jobs right now. If you think at it as just making phone calls, you might be led into thinking that it’s an easy job. But it’s far from that. If you’re planning to take on a telemarketing career, here are a few things you should know.


Controlling Your Sugar Intake

People say diabetes can’t kill you. But its complications will. You think eating candies the way you eat popcorn is not harmful? Think again. Your body does not need the extra sugar. So if you don’t watch just how much you’re getting, your body is definitely not getting the care it deserves.


Tips on Getting a Scholarship

Ah, the bliss of education when someone else is paying for it. If you’re one of the unfortunates, and you had to work for your tuition money, you must be tired of applying for scholarships and grants. But don’t give up, kid. You never know when it’s your turn to get subsidized. Here are tips which can help you bag …Continue reading →


Tips on Being a Stepmom

Even if you’ve seen the movie, in your real life, you still don’t know how to do what Julia Roberts did on Stepmom. That’s because being the newcomer in an already established family will require all your talents, courage, and skills. Remember when you were a new employee? Being a stepmom is a million times harder than that.


How to Deal with In-Laws

There’s only one problem which can ruin your chance at a happy marriage, and that’d be the fury of hateful in-laws. So you thought they’re going to like you in the long run? Think again! There’s only as far as you can go for them to like you. Five years after your marriage and still no hugging during family reunions? …Continue reading →


Considering Adoption

After your fairy tale wedding, you’re feeling more at peace with your life. Marriage has a way of putting your mind at ease and giving you brighter visions of your future. And perhaps you’re even excited about your next role as a parent.


Small Business Tip: Holding Effective Meetings

One of the most effective business strategies is holding regular meetings with your employees to update company policies, and discuss objectives. Holding an effective meeting is tricky. If you don’t have a well-laid agenda, you might end up wasting the time of others. Here are tips to help you ensure your meeting becomes successful.


Quick Fixes for Summer Emergencies

April’s nearly done and spring is just about fading into summer. With global warming and all, who would know when it would strike? Fun summer days are often ruined by hasty trips to the doctor. It pays to know how to treat these ailments at the onset, preventing you from unnecessarily rushing to the hospital. For more severe cases, though, …Continue reading →

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