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Want to Start a Telemarketing Career?


Telemarketing is one of the most popular and sought after jobs right now. If you think at it as just making phone calls, you might be led into thinking that it’s an easy job. But it’s far from that. If you’re planning to take on a telemarketing career, here are a few things you should know.

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Tips on Getting a Scholarship


Ah, the bliss of education when someone else is paying for it. If you’re one of the unfortunates, and you had to work for your tuition money, you must be tired of applying for scholarships and grants. But don’t give up, kid. You never know when it’s your turn to get subsidized. Here are tips which can help you bag that grant.

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Tips on Being a Stepmom


Even if you’ve seen the movie, in your real life, you still don’t know how to do what Julia Roberts did on Stepmom. That’s because being the newcomer in an already established family will require all your talents, courage, and skills. Remember when you were a new employee? Being a stepmom is a million times harder than that.

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Quick Fixes for Summer Emergencies


April’s nearly done and spring is just about fading into summer. With global warming and all, who would know when it would strike? Fun summer days are often ruined by hasty trips to the doctor. It pays to know how to treat these ailments at the onset, preventing you from unnecessarily rushing to the hospital. For more severe cases, though, these tips can serve as good temporary containment solutions. Here are some first-aid tips for those summer emergencies.

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Avoiding Overspending when Buying Groceries


Ever realized how you can possibly spend so much on grocery? You can argue that since you’re buying food, your money is not really wasted. But then, a little overspending will mess up your budget big time. And when one part of your budget gets messed up, your financial plans are definitely screwed. Discover ways how you control your money and yourself during grocery time.

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