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Firefox News: Firefox Released

It’s one of those days again when my Firefox auto-update prompts me to install yet another update to Firefox 2. I have been shifting from trying out a 3 Beta release to old Firefox 2 and I was surprised that Mozilla is still doing some patchwork to version 2. Fixes for this release: XUL popup spoofing variant (cross-tab popups) Java …Continue reading →


Is Your Relationship Nearing Its End?

The B word you’ve been denying for days. Breakup is the last resort for two people who’ve lost hope in their relationship. For so many reasons, a relationship can crumble sooner than it has begun. Your problem is that you don’t know what’s coming to you. Is it happening? Let’s see.


Meal on a Budget: Pasta

The typical college experience will not be complete unless one has undergone a budget meal phase. And if you ask former co-eds, they shall agree that there certainly are foods that are considered as college budget meal staples. And we’re not talking about mac and cheese out of the box here. And we’re not talking about some pricey Italian concoction. …Continue reading →


How to Pick Suitable Clothes for Infants

Sure, kids do look cute in designer wear as we see photos of all these celebrity kids. But then again, for us mere mortals, there are better reasons to dress an infant that making sure they look cute for the paparazzis.


What to Give Your Husband on Your Anniversary

We men-folk are actually very easy to please as well. We’re quite a very low maintenance lot (well, for the most part, at least). Just feed us and cuddle us and we can be quite happy and content. But then again, a little extra incentive thrown in once in a while does a lot for our well-being too.


Women Dating Tips: Ensuring Your Safety while Dating

More tips for the ladies here. So the date was fun. He was charming and you obviously captivated him with your beauty and grace. He has a good career and he seems responsible and he likes football, too. Sounds perfect? Not yet. There are things you must make certain of before you go “somewhere else” with this guy.


How to Inch Your Way Back to Being Sociable

There is absolutely no excuse for one person to be aloof. You may think you have a good reason from isolating yourself from the rest of the crowd ( like you refuse to talk to people who don’t speak Klingon or that sort of thing) but you don’t. Whether or not you think yourself as superior to your peers, there …Continue reading →


What to Give Your Wife on Your Anniversary

Women are actually easy to please. The fact that the husband remembers the anniversary date is already a big plus. But if you want to go overboard aside from the usual dinner, flowers, and chocolates, here are some ideas on how to earn more points with the missus.


Relationships: When He’s with the Guys

Here’s more of that little chat with the girls – one source of their anxiety when we’re out with the gang. It’s pretty hard not to worry when you know your mate’s out with other lecherous specimen of the species. Giving your trust to somebody is definitely one of the hardest things to do. When you give your trust to …Continue reading →


Moving in to Your Parents’ House Again

After your graduation in college, you need time where you can wait for results of your various applications. You’re excited to get a place of your own, but how do you do that when you don’t even know yet where you’ll work or when you don’t have money to last you a month? Perhaps the most practical decision, no matter …Continue reading →

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