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Meal on a Budget: Pasta


The typical college experience will not be complete unless one has undergone a budget meal phase. And if you ask former co-eds, they shall agree that there certainly are foods that are considered as college budget meal staples. And we’re not talking about mac and cheese out of the box here. And we’re not talking about some pricey Italian concoction. Here’s why you can enjoy pasta even on a budget.

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How to Inch Your Way Back to Being Sociable

Chess Men Crowd

There is absolutely no excuse for one person to be aloof. You may think you have a good reason from isolating yourself from the rest of the crowd ( like you refuse to talk to people who don’t speak Klingon or that sort of thing) but you don’t. Whether or not you think yourself as superior to your peers, there are still societal functions you have to fulfill simply because you are a creature who is, ideally, naturally sociable.

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Relationships: When He’s with the Guys


Here’s more of that little chat with the girls – one source of their anxiety when we’re out with the gang. It’s pretty hard not to worry when you know your mate’s out with other lecherous specimen of the species. Giving your trust to somebody is definitely one of the hardest things to do. When you give your trust to someone, you give them the privilege of knowing your private details which you usually keep from other friends. The people you trust know what makes you happy and they also know what can destroy you. It is this which makes them the same people who can hurt you the most.

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Moving in to Your Parents’ House Again


After your graduation in college, you need time where you can wait for results of your various applications. You’re excited to get a place of your own, but how do you do that when you don’t even know yet where you’ll work or when you don’t have money to last you a month? Perhaps the most practical decision, no matter how uncool, is to move back in with your parents. And mommy and daddy would definitely take little Boobookins instead of having their precious little baby wander the streets and be a crackhead.

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Relationships: On Boyfriends with Trust Issues


With the risk of LifeSpy being a man’s blog, I went about bugging female friends for a piece of their minds regarding a few things. And one of the favorite topics of conversation over coffee – relationships. So let me share you one of the fruits of our discussion.

We can be overprotective, possessive and territorial a lot of times. Probably we never really evolved from being cavemen with clubs. If you trust your boyfriend, it’s only fair that you get his trust too. This is why it is better to know early on if he is capable of valuing your trust before you take your relationship to the next level.

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