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How to Rescure Failed Dessert

Attempted to bake a fruit pie but only to find out that it was a dessert disaster? Don’t worry. A little ingenuity and some innocent-looking smiles afterwards can turn your disaster into dynamite!


Windows Tip: Remove Old Files After Vista SP1 Installation

My friend and I were discussing Vista SP1′s performance since we both run Vista for our rigs. We’re on both ends of the spectrum though, with me running on Home Basic, and he, running on Ultimate. Not the same specs though since his rigs a juiced up gaming box and mine’s a workhorse lappie. One thing we’ve noticed is the …Continue reading →


How to Reduce the Stress of the Commute

While a lot of people love the wonders of public transport, you just have to admit that rubbing against people during rush hour is quite a stressful thing. And this even applies to those who have to negotiate hour-long (or more) drives just to get to work and back. I have to admit that the best draws of my problogging …Continue reading →


Video Tutorial: How to Remove Arrows on Desktop Shortcut Icons in Windows Vista

This is a screencast featuring our recommended download – Vista Shortcut Manager.


Download: Vista Shortcut Manager

Installing Vista SP1 just a few hours ago, and my rig hasn’t crashed so it might be worth something. Not that my rig has crashed a lot running Vista. Anyway, that prompted me to look at other tweaks that you can do with Vista. Some hate the drop shadow effect on icons but we’ve already solved that here. Here’s one …Continue reading →


How to Keep Things Organized in the Home Office

Organize your paper files such as bills, receipts and invoices by good old fashioned green hanging folders, which you then keep in a filing cabinet. Filing cabinet too large for your home office? No problem, there are plastic bins that you can buy and then store in closets and shelves.


How to Feel Comfortable While Traveling

Do you have to travel transatlantic? Well, doesn’t that suck? Glued to your seat for hours, not to mention being dislodged for at least one stopover. All you can do is to set your face with a determined look and bear it like a good sport. Or you can follow these tips to make life it a little easier on …Continue reading →


Windows Tip: Downloading Vista Service Pack 1

I’m currently waiting for Windows Update to finish downloading and installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1. While it has been around for a few days, it was only today that Windows Update prompted me to download it. I have to admit that ever since getting this rig June of last year, Windows Vista has severely crashed on me just a …Continue reading →


Relationships: How to Start Moving on from a Break-up

It’s been a month, and yet you still play your theme song on your iPod. If it’s over then it’s over, right? How hard is it to get over an ex, anyway? Oh come on, get some old school tunes like Go West’s King of Wishful Thinking.


5 Natural and Organic Beauty Treatments

A lot of grooming products out there boast of being organic and natural. Well, if they are, then why don’t you just take some stuff around your kitchen. Matter of fact, why not, right? Here are some effective beauty treatments that you can do with materials that can be found in your kitchen at home:

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