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Tutorial Video: How to Remove Drop Shadow Effect on Windows Vista Desktop Icons

Here’s another screencast for you guys. This is actually a visual tweak whether you like having that drop shadow effect on your Windows Vista desktop icons or not. Anyway, here’s how to remove it just in case you don’t like it. Instructions can be read after the cut.


Tech News: Internet Explorer 8 Beta is Out!

I am still an out and out Firefox fan but anything that involves my OS’ manufacturer deserves a look somehow. And when news has it that the new Internet Explorer 8 would be standards-compliant, it definitely has my attention (though I can’t seem to avoid not snickering when I get to think of “standards compliance” and “Internet Explorer” in the …Continue reading →


Relationships: A Few More Tips for Online Dating

There are several reasons why a guy would rather date girls online than in real life. For one thing, it does seem safer to have a monitor screen between you and a girl, instead of being face-to-face where she can look through your eyes and tell when you’re lying. Consider this as our follow-up on our quick how-to for online …Continue reading →


Overeating is a Bad Habit

There is probably only a handful of people in the world who are happy with their current weight. And a lot of things are responsible for that. Food is always a good thing, but it’s your appetite that can turn eating into a bad habit. There will be reasons which will motivate you into following a strict diet guide, but …Continue reading →


Relationships: Can You Be Romantic?

The world of romance is very complicated and being romantic is sometimes the one thing that you need to have a successful relationship. And it can also be the one thing you lack which is why she left you for some Casanova.


Rip-off: Kelly’s Wii Lease-Purchase for $79…

… a month! And oh, wait… Wait for it… for 12 months! Just when you thought you’re getting a bargain, Kelly’s Sales and Leasing is offering a rent-to-own arrangement for a Nintendo Wii (which is currently priced at a relatively cheap $250) that would, in the end, cost you a grand total of $948 – almost the amount of 4 …Continue reading →


Privacy: How to Deal with Pesky Landlords

Ah, the nosy landlord. Does s/he enter your home trying to boss you around? Or probably hounding you for next month’s pay even if you’re up-to-date with your payment. And now you can’t even dress up any more without the possibility of s/he barging through the door and seeing you in your tighty-whities.Threatening your nosy landlord with a shotgun by …Continue reading →


How to Date the Right People

Choosing the right partner is probably one of the most critical points in a person’s life. Sometimes a person’s lucky to find true love within moments, but it takes a much longer time for some. If you don’t want to waste your time dating the wrong sort before you meet the right one, you should know which person to date. …Continue reading →


Tutorial Video: How to Generate Placeholder Text in Word 2007

Our first attempt at screencasting! Basically a look back at our previous how-to post on the topic:


How to Win a Promotion

Everyone wants to earn a promotion and reap all the rewards that go with it. A corner office. A higher pay. An assistant. And the power to boss people around. Anyway, there’s a lot of ways you can actually do to get what you want – work your butt off, kiss your boss’ ass, sleep your way to the top, …Continue reading →

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