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How to Deal with Common Household Insects


What are your house insect pests? When you come home tired from work, you feel grateful that there’s a cozy structure that will shelter you from harm. But just as you’re getting comfortable with your lounge chair, you notice a line of ants coming from the kitchen through the living room and going out the window. Don’t freak just yet. Keep your cool, because we’ll help you rid your home of these pests.

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3 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom


There was a time when everything you needed in the bathroom consisted of a faucet, a bowl, and a bucket. Now, in the advent of a long list of bath accessories, your bathroom is not good enough for you anymore. And if it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for your guests. From bath coordinates to bath rugs, the bathroom has really achieved a top place into our homes. Let’s see what the craze is all about.

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Toshiba Ends HD Wars

Nope and it’s not because they’ve won, but it’s because they conceded. It’s not like the case of the Betamax and the VHS where the adult industry was the deciding factor. Almost a year of following this issue and it seems like we have a winner in Blu-ray. Good news for Sony indeed after decades of attempting to introduce a preferred media format into the market. They could now start forgetting the Betamax and the minidisc catastrophes with HD-DVD now taking the backseat in this successor-to-DVD battle.

The biggest blow probably to Toshiba is Wal-Mart’s decision to back Blu-ray and exclusively sell only Sony’s format. This is after a series of blows like Time-Warner also choosing Blu-ray exclusive. Several other outfits like Netflix and Best Buy have decided to drop HD-DVD. Sales have already been dismal for HD-DVD to start with compared to the sudden surge for Blu-ray.

While Blu-ray can claim a victory, all we can look forward to is the future. What’s ahead of Blu-ray? What will be the next-generation media format. Flash-based storage has had major developments these past few years, maybe it’s time optical media get trumped by other storage technologies. Or for that matter, how about downloads?

10 Job Interview Mistakes that Would Cost You the Job

Job Interview

Ah, job interviews. A lot of people don’t know is that there’s an exact science behind job interviews. Each of the questions thrown at you has a rationale behind them. They’re not only designed to get more information about you, they’re also designed to see how you approach certain situations and how you can fit in an organization. Most experienced interviewers can spot a “winner” even if they’ve only gone a fourth of the designated questions. But with a lot of job applicants, they trip into these common pitfalls during their interviews. Here are 10 of the most common job interview mistakes that can cost you the job.

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How to Look Like a Winner


Have you ever seen successful people? Have you noticed that they have this sort of presence, an aura even, that just sends out that “I’m a winner” vibe? In the workplace, it does help to act like a winner. Bosses can spot those people who have that aura that they can seen as infectious to the organization. Who knows? Just by the way you act, you can even land that promotion.

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Instructions to Leave with Your Babysitter

Baby Pram

If you are able to give very detailed instructions to pet sitters, then why not do the same to your children’s baby sitters? Sure, there is that fact that your children do know how to communicate and that precious “Twinkles” cannot. But then again, how precious is precious anyway? So what exactly is the pertinent information that you need to make sure that your baby sitter knows before you step out the door of your house?

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