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How to Find a Good Dry Cleaning Service

It doesn’t mean that because certain clothes are tagged as “Dry Cleaning Only,” your responsibility to your personal effects starts and stops at delivering and picking them up at your neighborhood dry cleaner’s. Here are some tips to ensure that your clothes remain in tip-top shape.


How to Deal with Violent Partners

Oh wow. What a way to greet Valentine’s Day with this post but it’s always a good time to be socially responsible (at least for once). Love can hurt. But not in kinky S&M way that you might be thinking of. Having a relationship with a violent partner is far from ideal. Yes, there are good days in these relationships …Continue reading →


To tattoo or not to tattoo?

A cat or a rose? Perhaps the bigger question is whether or not you should have one. Dermal pigmentation or tattoo, dates back to the Neolithic times. Perhaps this is quite relevant because given some bouts of drunken ignorance, you decide to tattoo the name of the girl you’re with this Valentine’s night and never find her when you wake …Continue reading →


Love Your Heart this February

It’s the middle of February so the halls are decked with something else. Here and there you have decorations of red hearts made of cardboard. You even like those heart balloons. What this season is telling you is not just to look for love, but to love that one body part which does all the loving – your heart.


More on the Health Benefits of Tea

Iced tea is great, there are more types of teas that you can be hooked on. Various scientific researches have supported the good health effects of tea. It is incredibly medicinal and therapeutic. Because of such studies on tea, we now know that its value to our health is priceless.


4 Great Laundry Ideas

Doing the laundry can definitely be a chore. Aside from the stains and the other concerns, there are some things that can really bug you on laundry day. Here are some ideas that could help you streamline your laundry duties.


The Best Odds in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easier card games to play with fairly simple rules. Probably that’s why it’s still a big hit in casinos. As with any card game, it’s part math, part skill, and part luck. Here are some tips to help you with the math part. The following are by no means guaranteed to be the winning odds …Continue reading →


How to Make Hot Chocolate

Spring may be around the corner but the cold doesn’t seem to let up everywhere else. And if you’re stuck home with a cold weather alert, nothing seems to beat a good book, your comfy chair and a mug of hot chocolate. There are a lot of hot chocolate recipes around (the Maya hot chocolate recipe even calls for chili), …Continue reading →


Andropause: Male Menopause

Menopause is a biological process among women. But what about menopause among men? Did you ever think it’s possible? Well, it’s true! Men actually suffer from symptoms of menopause. Andropause or male menopause happens when the production of testosterone gradually declines. This usually occurs to men between the ages of 40 to 60. Part of what you can say “mid-life …Continue reading →


Valentine’s Day Break Ups

What’s the worse thing that could happen on Valentine’s Day? Why, going through a breakup, of course! It’s a hundred times the pain of being dateless. While everyone else is exchanging teddy bears, bouquets, and engagement rings, you’re sulking and crying your eyes out.

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