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Firefox Quick Tip: More Command Line Tricks

It’s a good thing Mitch over at Firefox Facts followed up on a previous post on launching Firefox tabs through the command line because that led me to more command line arguments from the Mozilla site. Here are some of my picks from the long list: Start Firefox in Safe Mode: firefox.exe -safe-mode Open the Firefox profile manager: firefox -p …Continue reading →


How to Choose a Cell Phone Service Provider

The last time, we put up this post on choosing a cell phone for you to buy so we decided to follow that up with this bit on choosing the service provider. As we’ve pointed out last time, that when shopping for a new phone you may consider the packages that service providers offer since they often have great deals …Continue reading →


Start an Organizing Ritual for the New Year

Most of the things in your life that went wrong last year were due to your lack of organization. You didn’t get the promotion because you failed to meet some deadlines, you didn’t close the deal because you lost your documents, and you got dumped because you forgot her birthday. This time, you’re a new man! And you can be …Continue reading →


How to Deal with Credit Card Dues from the Holiday Spending

Ah, the ghost of Christmas past. Before the holidays began you were well aware that you have a credit card balance which you know will haunt you in the coming weeks. Yet you have managed bulk it some more when you bought luxurious gifts for everyone, (even shopping items on discounts can total to a whopping amount of cash when …Continue reading →


Windows Tip: How to Disable Hibernation in Vista

Hibernation has got to be one of the good things that Windows offers for mobile computing. But if you don’t have a real use for it, then why not just turn it off. While there are some good things about it – not losing what you’re doing when you need to shut your computer down – there are some kinks …Continue reading →


Home is Where You Make It

Every year, a large number of families move from one place to another. Migration is not always as easy or exciting. Sometimes migration is more than moving on to greener pastures. It also means leaving behind the place you’ve called home, the people you grew up with, and the entire neighborhood where you’ve had most of your fondest memories. You …Continue reading →


How to Get Rich

Hey, it’s the new year and why not put up a post to aid a common new year resolution. I personally committed that I’d be earning a lot more money and be “richer” by the end of the year. And I’m quite inspired to reach that goal for this year. We’ve previously created this post on how to make money …Continue reading →


Firefox News: Downloading Firefox Fights Boredom

“Rise up. Help others download a more interesting life.” How’s that for Firefox’s campaign to make people download and use the browser. And Mozilla seems to be going all out in this one complete with a website, an anthem and crazy stats on Firefox users like: * 123% more likely to be a student * 35% less likely to be …Continue reading →


How to Clean Grout without Scrubbing

If you can forage mushrooms in your bathroom, then it’s time to clean up, you filthy pig. Okay, so I’m exaggerating (or am I?). But cleaning your bathroom can really be a chore. And one of the most difficult things to clean in your bathroom would probably be the grout that holds your tiles. Take a look at yours, it …Continue reading →


Firefox Quick Tip: Launch Tabs via Run Command in Vista

Since we’re all waiting for the big release of Firefox 3, here are some more neat tricks you can do with Firefox. Here’s one for the keyboard ninjas out there who would want a faster way to launch Firefox with sites in tabs. You can simply do this via the Run command in Windows. Access the Run window. For keyboard …Continue reading →

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