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Has Warner Bros. Killed HD-DVD?

Back to the question that we’ve posted last year on this blog, but with a look at the other side of the story. Our “Has Sony Killed Blu-ray with No-porn Policy?” made its round in some discussions. Many experts say that the hi-def wars is quite moot. How big is is the adult industry and how big is Warner Bros …Continue reading →


How to Date a Career Woman

The devil wears Prada, and sometimes, Versace. It’s bad enough to be ignored by a pretty woman. It’s worse when that woman is as sharp as her heels. Gorgeous career women are hard to get. For one, they have their careers as top priority. And it doesn’t mean they’ll say YES after a bit of cheesy stuff, it means REALLY …Continue reading →


White Wedding: Get Hitched in Winter

Getting hitched in this weather? Why not? The white frost is just as romantic as it is dangerously biting cold. If you like the idea of having a different wedding style, far from the usual spring-inspired nuptials, then maybe you should book now while it’s still snowing out. Now you can easily have a white-wedding.


Office Tip: Select Text Vertically in Word 2007

I wonder why all my books on Microsoft Office never pointed this out and it took How-to Geek to show us this neat trick in Word 2007 – selecting text vertically. This is pretty useful when editing lists. I’m not really sure if “vertical” is the right term for this feature since it actually allows you to click and drag …Continue reading →


Windows Tip: How to Access the Hidden Browser in XP

This is one great “hack” if you happen to need to browse the Internet but the dastardly administrators just blocked out the use of Internet Explorer and prevented you from installing software like Mozila Firefox. If using a standalone browser via USB flash drive (Don’t you just want to throttle people when that happens as well.), then you might want …Continue reading →


Relationships: Keeping the Flame Going for the New Year

There’s that one morning you wake up to find your love life not so perfect as you thought it was. After that great time you’ve had last night, you thought nothing can go wrong now. But before you even get a flashback of last night’s.. erm, thrill, your own slice of romance is taking a detour. This happens to a …Continue reading →


Resolving Conflicts for the New Year

The year is young and you’ve got a lot to live for this year. It’s quite normal for people to have some. But perhaps before you really delve deeper into 2008, you might want to resolve some unfinished business so you can really set off to a new start. Indeed one truly appreciates the need for procrastination when one has …Continue reading →


How to Choose the Type of Life Insurance You Need

What a morbid thing to write about at the start of the year! Sure, but you have to be realistic about things. You’d never know when you’ll kick the bucket, whether it’s from radiation from wi-fi signals or a piano smashing you to pieces while walking down the street. And with death, it can happen to anybody. So what’s your …Continue reading →


How to Protect Your Eyes in the Snow

Snow blindness is a temporary condition that is caused by the excessive glare of the sun’s rays bouncing off the snow. These harmful ultraviolet rays can cause temporary blindness on some people. Snow is highly reflective that even in overcast and cloudy days, glare can be present. The thing with this is that symptoms can occur as much as 8 …Continue reading →


How to Get Your Neighbor to Turn the Music Down

This might be common if you live in an apartment building with a bunch of savages but it’s quite common in neighborhoods and even the suburbs too (especially since the richer folk can afford million-watt audio systems). If you want some peace and quiet but your neighbor won’t let up, then it may be time to deal with the person. …Continue reading →

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