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Eye Exam Schedule

The sense of sight is very important to everyone but eye health is oftentimes neglected. Here are the general reminders on scheduling eye exams and consultations.


Power Breakfast

Cliche as it sounds, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will jumpstart your mornings on a positive note. Regular breakfast can also help in maintaining your weight and give you the essential nutrients you need for the whole day. Here are some tips for a good power breakfast.


Create Your Travel Itinerary

Traveling can really be costly especially if you avail of packaged tours. However, you may only enjoy one of the places featured in your itinerary. Here are some tips on cutting back on traveling expenses by creating your own travel itinerary.


Reduce Salt in Food

Lowering your salt intake helps reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke. Here are som tips on reducing salt in your home-cooked meals.


Food for Healthy Skin

Changing your diet will not only be good for losing weight but also for glowing skin as well. Get food that is rich in the following nutrients on your next trip to the supermarket.


Getting Doctors’ Second Opinion

Surgeries and other major medical proceudres are very tough pills to swallow. You can opt to have a second opinion just so you can be well-informed. Here are some tips to consider on getting second opinion from doctors.


Tips on Buying Shoes

Shoes may make or break your outfit but it should never harm your feet. The perfect pair of shoes should also provide you comfort throughout the day. Here are some tips on buying a new pair of shoes.


Improving Kids’ Eating Habits

More and more kids are growing up to be big and unhealthy due to poor eating lifestyle. Here are some tips to improve your kids eating habits and promote a healthier living.


Beware of the Skin Hazards

Sticking to your skin care regimen can truly keep your skin baby soft and smooth. However, these products will not protect you from all skin hazzards. And like it or not, skin hazzards are more common than you think. Here are some of the common skin hazzards and how to protect your skin from them.


Dealing with Workplace Stress

Too tired at work? Already stressed and it’s not even lunchtime? With the type of fast-paced work environments that we have today, it’s quite common for workers to burn out and burn out real quick on a daily basis. Try these tips for dealing with workplace stress.

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