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Firefox Quick Tip: Undo Closed Tabs

Don’t worry, it happens even to best of us – you’re surfing and you’ve found a really good site but before you’ve hit Ctrl + D (the bookmarking shortcut), you accidentally press Ctrl + W (close tab shortcut) or some other command that closes the darned tab. Okay, so maybe it’s just me. Nah… I bet there’s a whole lot …Continue reading →


How to Be a Boss and a Mentor

Being the boss is hard. Of course you earn more than the rest of the people in the office, but more importantly, you greatly affect how the others do their work. All you have to do is set your expectations and they will have to work their way to measure up.


Windows Tip: Mute Other Applications with Volume Mixer in Vista

Sometime, you just don’t want to be bothered by the pesky alert noises from the applications you run. One such application that uses such annoying sounds is Yahoo Messenger and some of the other IM clients out there. Sometimes when I’m doing some audio editing, I need to shut Windows up so that the error dings and alerts won’t mess …Continue reading →


Prioritizing Family Life

A successful person like you is sure to have a lot of responsibilities and appointments. You trained yourself to be highly-reliable for your boss and have set your eyes on a career you can have if you continue to be focused on your work. But do you ever stop sometimes to think that maybe you are setting aside more valuable …Continue reading →


How to Throw a Bridal Shower

Your best friend getting married? When your best friend is getting married, you know it only means one thing – you have to throw her a bridal shower. But don’t worry; throwing a soiree need not be stressful if you know what to do. So read on. Schedule is everything when you’re deciding on a party. Get a calendar and …Continue reading →


Small Business Tip: How to Party with an Agenda

If you are in a startup business, you know what you have to do: market your business. Let’s say you are selling ladies’ bags and blouses but you just want it home-based because you don’t want the hassles and financial considerations of renting a commercial space, can you think of an ingenious way to promote your new gig. Why not …Continue reading →


Spending Quality Time with Kids

Being a parent is a very arduous task. There’s no room for mistakes, and it requires a massive amount of patience. Kids are just a boxful of surprises. You don’t know what they’re up to most of the time. You only know you have your expectations, and when they don’t measure up, that’s when you get upset.


Balancing Career and Personal Life

It probably takes being a superhero to be successful at both career and personal life. If you’re a successful career person but without much personal life or a happy person without much of a career, you are halfway there. But you want both, right?


How to Make Your Family’s Dining Experience Fun

Eating with your whole family should be a real treat. You gather round a table side by side, all chairs occupied by the most important people in your life. But sometimes though, family eating is not as pleasurable as one would expect them to be. Everyone is cranky and crabby, with all family members just wanting to get it over …Continue reading →


Minimize Chaos by Giving Kids Their Own Playroom

The toys are scattered everywhere – on the stairs, in the bathroom, on the windowsill, and sometimes in the tub! These kids just won’t listen when you tell them to only play inside their room. You go out to work and when you come home what do you find – hand painting on the wall! Isn’t there anything you can …Continue reading →

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