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Sculpt Your Plan to Sculpt Your Body


Fitness – a word that evokes either joy or loathing. Exercise and a healthful, balanced diet are necessary for the human body to perform efficiently. No matter your present fitness level, it is vital to workout on a regular basis and put the right foods in your body in order to stay as healthy as possible. But in a society …Continue reading →


Virtual Desktops Faster, Safer than VPNs

Virtual Desktops

Remote access for professionals is a preeminent concern for many sectors of industry. Far more business is conducted on the road, and this need is making itself felt. The old standard for securely connecting to HQ becomes obsolete as operations become too unwieldy and complex to be conducted over limited bandwidth. A virtual private network (VPN) allows a secure connection …Continue reading →


Dangers of Working from Home

Just yesterday, a few friends of mine got to talking about working from home. Some companies have started to open up to the idea of letting people work from home. For companies this can actually be a good thing. They save up on overhead. They save up on space. But there can be dangers.


Windows 7: Restore Google Chrome Settings After Crash


One funny thing happened to me yesterday. I had one of those (rare) blue screen of death crashes on my Windows 7 machine. Happened randomly but I guess it was thanks to a faulty USB modem driver. Anyway, after I restarted and launched my Google Chrome browser, I noticed that all my settings and extensions vanished. Uh-oh. Good thing there’s …Continue reading →


How to Cut House Chores in Half

House work can be really tough and draining. All the little chores left and right do not seem to end if you want to keep your home clean, tidy and in order. The good news is, a little planning, redecorating and remodelling can cut the amount of work to maintain your home. Here are some tips on cutting those household …Continue reading →


Haggle in Good Taste

Being a tightwad doesn’t mean that you have to be a horrible Scrooge of a cheapskate. Sure, asking for discounts is one thing, but there are times that doing it can be in bad taste. These days, saving even a few cents is pretty much understandable but mind you that there are times when it can be annoying. Here are …Continue reading →


Tips on Spotting Quality Clothing

High-quality clothing should not vary among different age groups and gender. Kids’ sizes may be smaller, ladies’ wear may have more variety and men’s clothes may be pretty basic but the factors that contribute to the quality of the clothing are still the same. Here are some tips on spotting high-quality clothing for your next shopping trip.


How to Reinforce Manners on your Kids

Most people especially the elderly are not too happy about impolite children. They will lecture your kid to no end even if they are straingers. Even teachers can have bias against children who do not show any manners to them during class. Don’t let your kid be the object of people’s frowns. Here are some tips on reinforcing manners on …Continue reading →


Be Indispensable at Work

With competition in workplaces really high these days and layoffs always a possibility, it should be your own responsibility to make sure that you’d be the one staying on when the company decides to trim the fat off the organization. Here are some ideas on how to be indispensable at work.


Liven Up Your Leftovers

Knowing how much to cook for a single meal is a tough guessing game. More often than not, you have to deal with left overs since people usually would rather have food surplus than food scarcity. Here are some tips on preparing left over food without the ageing bland taste. Especially with all of those 4th of July leftovers.

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