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Perfect Gifts for the Elderly

Is your elderly mother’s birthday coming up? Or perhaps you father-in-law’s? Here are some tips and suggestions on what to give your elderly relatives on their special day:


When Management Changes

Many employees feel fear when changes in management are to be implemented. For one, they are concerned for the security of their employment, which is understandable. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to deal with troubled employees when unavoidable changes in management are to be made:


Having a Young Boss

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way people expect them. Here you are, thinking you’ve gotten the managerial position you’ve been working hard for the past five years (or more) only to find out that somebody else got it. What’s worse is that the new boss is younger than you. You do not want to resign in the light of …Continue reading →


Taking Short Breaks at Work

Taking breaks at work cannot be considered as being lazy, especially if you take the short, meaningful ones. Some companies even require or encourage their employees to have one or two fifteen minute coffee or tea breaks.


Avoiding Crowds

Are you afraid of crowds or simply not comfortable with people invading your space? Here are some tips on how to tolerate crowds:


Natural Treatment for Dry Scalp

Organic oils, such as olive and almond, contain properties (vitamin E, vitamin A, etc.) that can help repair damages on your hair, and help keep it healthy and maintain a beautiful sheen.


Preventing Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are one of those afflictions that are common enough to get, yet it is also one of the most annoying. Mouth sores can cause discomfort and pain while eating or even talking. Here are some tips on how to prevent yourself from getting mouth sores.


Tracing E-mail Sender

Have you received an anonymous e-mail that you wish to trace? Here’s how a layman can do it:


Save Money on Holiday Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching and we’ve already mentioned in previous posts about how practical it would be to start shopping early. But what to do if budget is a little tight? Here are some tips:


Removing Candle Wax

Candle wax is quite easy to remove from any surface. All you need is a bit of patience and these tips:

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